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How much does our bespoke design service cost?

It depends on the nature and estimated time involvement. To be fair, we need to look at each project, on a case by case basis. However, having said that, in almost all instances, the cost of design is included in our standard prices as published here on our website. In other words, what you see here on our product pages, includes any design work. 

For example, the tester panelled bed, illustrated below, often requires a re-draw from our archives, to accommodate a clients particular mattress size and the height it needs to be from the floor, plus any other dimensional changes, such as the overall height of the bed.

Oak four poster bed with panelled headboard and tester ceiling 

The cost of this is included in our standard prices and we will make the necessary dimensional adjustments, for approval, once a deposit has been received.

Taking it one stage further, if, for instance, turned and carved foot-board posts are specified, and we have good quality photo/photos to use as an example, we would be in a position to work out the additional cost of manufacture, prior to actually setting the piece out on CAD. Once the revised cost has been approved and a deposit paid, then we can produce the drawings (if they're necessary at all), at no additional charge.

In reality, there are not many instances when the above scenarios wouldn't apply. As long as we can cost a project out accurately, or at least fairly accurately, from given dimensions and well detailed photographs and/or sketches, then the fee for preparing proper working drawings will be included in the overall price of the furniture.

It is only when there is no comparable piece to guide us, and the design and function are entirely new, that it will not be possible for our workshops to cost the project with any degree of accuracy. In this case, we will separate the design element from the making. So the design costs will be payable (with a deposit and balance, just like our furniture), regardless of whether the making side goes ahead or not. In much the same way as an architect will charge a fee for designing a house, regardless of whether it is built or not.

The drawings below are one such example of where we would charge a separate fee for design work. These four drawings were actually thin section oak covers that fitted over some draughty old external doors (on the internal side), in a 14th century manor house. They were designed to seal up the draughts during the winter months. 

Oak door covers

Because nothing like the above has probably been done before, we had to research and prepare complete working drawings, with full size moulding sections and details of how they went together and how they attached to the existing doors. It was the only way our workshops could accurately cost the project out. The devil is in the detail, as they say!

It goes without saying that this is a lot more than a few hours work (between 80-100 hours in the above case), so we would charge a fee based on an estimate of the length of time we think it would take, to get to a stage where our workshops could calculate the costs of making. As mentioned above, this side of the project would consist of a deposit, before we commence any design work, and the balance payable on completion, prior to releasing drawings for approval.


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