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Value of Quality Oak Furniture


Ok, we're not saying that you are going to sell reproduction furniture after a few years and double your original purchase price. You'd actually find this impossible even with an original antique piece. What we are saying is that buying high quality reproduction furniture 'wisely' and (we'd hope) 'for life' actually represents remarkable value for money.

As an example, let's say that it's a refectory dining table, two armchairs, six side chairs and a dresser base. Looking at an average of our typical bespoke and semi-bespoke products, your total purchase comes to around £7,500.

Let's see how that compares with a few everyday (and not always essential) costs.

Daily costs of oak furniture, in a worst case scenario, compared to some other everyday costs

In terms of value for money, it's easy to see that your furniture purchase (even after just five years ownership and then given away!) beats them all by a mile. Although we like to think that you'll be buying our furniture for life!

Ignoring the last sentence for now, let's see how they compare, when there's some sort of return, should your circumstances change and you need to sell.

Daily costs of oak furniture, in a hypothetical case scenario, compared to some other everyday costs.everyday costs

Moreover, whilst your furniture is actually improving with age, your car is slowly deteriorating, the wine is gone after a few hours and, once you've arrived back home, the holiday is over!

But there's much more to it than just cold economics and product life expectancy. It's the immense pleasure you'll derive from the ownership of beautifully crafted solid oak furniture. Furniture that actually looks and feels like an original antique, which has been made specifically for you...to your design, size, specification, colour and finish. You really can't get better than that!

Now we're not suggesting for a minute that you sell the car, stop enjoying your wine and give up on holidays. But the above illustrations do show, that if you're looking to purchase oak reproduction furniture, there are a number of compelling reasons to invest in the highest calibre product.

It also highlights the folly of buying cheaper and compromising on the best, in order to save money on the initial purchase. For example, saving £1,000 now, for a lesser product, over say 20 years, amounts to less than 14p per day!

Without a doubt, Early Oak Reproductions' products will more than fulfil your expectations of functionality and visual enjoyment, which equates to high value, both today and far into the future.


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