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15th century style oak clamped front chest

Chalvington Oak Range

15th century style oak clamped-front chest. These heavily constructed storage pieces first appeared in England in the early 13th century and are the forerunner to fully developed joined work (see below), as we still see and build today. Variations of the constructional and design elements, remained in use right up until the 17th century.

14th century style oak clamped-front chest

Oak clamped front chest radiator cover

The particular example featured here, is not a copy of an original, but a slightly modified version of one that was designed and hand-made by our managing director, Nicholas Berry, some years ago, as a radiator cover. See the right hand picture, which shows the grilled apertures on the front and top, to allow air circulation.

In reality, both the original radiator cover and this actual chest, are not a true clamped-front type of construction, but more of a hybrid. In a pure example the centre section, between the wide end stiles, would be a single horizontal board (or two boards). Here, it is a panelled assembly, i.e. joined work, with moulded mullions and carved tracery heads. Constructional hybrids, such as this, were not unheard of centuries ago, particularly with chests. So, in a way, it is truly authentic.

14th century style clamped front chest in oak

The ancient looking lock plate was actually made by one of our blacksmiths...and works! To also keep it true to the period, hand-forged hasps have been (rather authentically crudely!) added and these would have originally been a further means of securing the valuables inside with padlocks. A key being held by three different people, one for each lock.

14th century style clamped front chest with lid open

Note the characteristic end construction of clamped-front chests, in the photos above and below.

                              End view of 14th century clamped front oak chest

The photo below, is a good example of our 'Heavily Aged' finishing option, chosen by our client and well suited to the perceived great age of this piece. In case you missed it, if you scroll back up, you can see the discoloured base of the stiles, where the feet would have been standing on a damp floor for many years.

View of the oak lid of the 14th century style clamped front chest

This chest was actually commissioned by our client, for a specific purpose. The bedroom, in their quite fabulous 14th century country manor house, has purpose made shutters for the three medieval stone windows. The chest was designed to store these when not in use.

14th century clamped front chest showing storage for window shutters

The view above shows the purpose built storage inside the chest, for the metal window shutters of our clients country manor house. The three small photos below illustrate exactly what the chest was made for. We also designed and made the heavily carved four-poster oak bed.

14th century clamped front chest with manor house window shutter unloaded     14th century clamped front chest with manor house window shutters out     14th century clamped front chest with window shutters installed in manor house

To see larger photos of this chest, in the bedroom of our clients fabulous country manor house, click:
15th Century Style Oak Chest with Tudor Style Four Poster Bed and:
15th Century Style Oak Chest in Country Manor House  

For detail shots, see:
Top Detail of 15th Century Style Oak Chest
Ageing Detail on Feet of Medieval Style Oak Chest
Hand Forged Hasp On Medieval Period Style Oak Chest
Hand Forged Lock On Oak Clamped Front Chest
Early Period Style Moulding Detail On Oak Chest
Oak Clamped Front Chest Carved Tracery Detail
Medieval Style Lockplate for Replica Oak Chest


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